That roller coaster ride of emotion

I found a very inspiring love note written beautifully on the Thought Catalog blog, and thought I would also write one of my very own… because of course, I have just recently stumbled… Continue reading

8 ways to reduce Panic and Anxiety

Let me start by saying that I really like lists, and I have written a lot of them in my lifetime. I write To-Do lists for the things I need to get done… Continue reading

Let go of what once was

Do you ever find yourself dwelling on the past a lot? Is it filled with all this pain and experiences that haunt your well-being in the present? Do you fear that it’s affecting… Continue reading

Office Gossip

I find it amazing how some of my coworkers confide in me in ways that make it seem like they trust me full-heartily. I can’t help but ask myself, “Do I really seem… Continue reading

Trust in yourself

Have you ever felt like you tried really hard to get something right, but nothing seems to be falling into place no matter what you do? Does it ever make you feel as… Continue reading

The “Gold” in “Silence”

I find that more and more people I talk to these days feel uncomfortable with silence. This happens most often when I’m spending quite a bit of time working with Coworkers on my… Continue reading

You can go your own way

So my parents have just recently popped a question I had involving my current and future plans. I’ve always wondered how they felt about my way of living. As I was telling my… Continue reading

What one week of Yoga can do

You know how when someone makes a new years resolution, but never goes along with continuing it because it’s hard to maintain? Yeah, one of those people used to be me, but not… Continue reading

Capture your mistakes

There’s nothing more anxiety inducing than starting off from the very beginning. For some, it may just be that transition from high school to college, or maybe you’re finally meeting that one person… Continue reading

Suffering, and why it’s important

I love the holidays, but sometimes I can’t stand it at times for specific reasons. The one thing that has always itched at me is the amount of baked goodies I’m surrounded by… Continue reading