Life is making choices

Back in Highschool, I met a really great group of people. It all started with one person my freshman year, and only grew moments later from that first day of school. They were the type of people who you could just chat away without really know where the time went soon after our hang out sessions. They had the tendency to always make me feel like I was a somebody; especially during times when I thought I was a nobody.

I remember having the opportunity to hang out with them almost every day. Most of those days were spent messing around in our class choir room or being that group of people that caused the most awkwardly, obnoxious and hilarious scenes during lunch hours… while the rest of the cafeteria just turned their heads and rolled their eyes in annoyance. Those moments were a few of the many we shared. Soon enough, I found myself surrounded by a family of people I helped bring together, and we became an indestructible square that lasted all through those 4 years.

When we graduated from Highschool, all of us assumed we could make this friendship of ours last till the end of our days while keeping the flames of our hearts flowing in sync with each other. Unfortunately, I discovered that things changed soon after I had officially decided what my college major was going to be.

Suddenly time felt like it was going by much quicker, and I noticed that I wasn’t able to spend as much time with them as I used to. The sad part was that I wasn’t going to the same college they decided to go to, considering the campus didn’t have what I was looking for based on what I wanted to do with my life. Because I didn’t go with them through the experience of living in college dorms, it made me feel as though I wasn’t trying hard enough to keep our friendship going as it was before. I wondered for a long time if life would have been much better if I just gave up my passion and joined them. A part of me was saying no to the idea considering how much more expensive it would have been rather than staying home with my parents until I get done with school.

There were some instances during the breaks when I had time to spend with them, so I made an effort to plan get togethers during those times. It was lovely seeing them again, but I knew times were still different. Most of the things we talked about were based on inside jokes I didn’t even understand.

I wondered for a long time if I was making a mistake for the decisions I made… but either way, it didn’t matter which path I choose. I had choices to make, and I had to give up something. But that experience taught me a valuable lesson.

Life is about making choices. And sometimes you have to choose between two things you care about, without even fully realizing you’re actually choosing between two things as you continue to push on. It’s never easy to decide them either, because you can’t always determine the cost you have to pay making these decisions. I was caught off guard and under the impression that things between me and my Highschool friends would stay the same because we all had the same interests in a past memory… but they eventually moved on to bigger and better things… and so did I.

I can’t say that I’m mad at them or mad at myself that things happened, because life happens every day. Every second of every moment, things just keep changing and that’s nothing to hold a grudge for. I still feel the need to talk to them on Facebook every once in a while, which I suppose is better than nothing. It’s sad to see old friends go, but in a way, it also makes me happy that they are doing the things they want to do in life as well as I have done recently. It’s nothing to be sorry for. I’m thankful that I had them in my years throughout Highschool because they made those years of my life fun.

There’s no reason to live that time in regrets… but instead, be happy that it happened so you can expand your horizons and take this opportunity to meet different people!

What tough life choices have you made recently?