8 ways to reduce Panic and Anxiety

Let me start by saying that I really like lists, and I have written a lot of them in my lifetime. I write To-Do lists for the things I need to get done on a daily basis. I make grocery lists and school supply lists to prepare for weeks and months worth of essentials. I even make amazon wish lists around Christmas time for Secret Santa drawings and to make shopping for my gifts easier for family. Lists have always been there for me to keep me in check and organized for all of my future endeavors. Though the one list I have yet to write about is a list of things I know that help me reduce my anxieties.

So why did I choose 8 ways to reduce my anxieties? Why not 12 or 26? Well, the number 8 has always been my favorite number. If you really observe it, you may find that when you tilt it sideways, it makes an infinity sign. I was recently looking up synonyms for the word infinity on dictionary.com. Some of the words that really stood out to me were continuity, boundlessness, and vastness. I think this anxiety list can apply to the word infinity. It’s a list I know I can turn to without any end.

These aren’t in any particular order, but here are some of the things you can do to reduce your anxieties:

1. Breathe. How many of you can say that you pay attention to your way of breathing when you are feeling anxious? Do you know how fast you are inhaling and exhaling? Are you breathing from your chest or your stomach? Are they long breathes or short? How fast is your heart rate going exactly? I can’t even begin to tell you how unaware I am of my breathing when I’m feeling anxious. Close your eyes, and try to narrow your focus on your breathing. Breathing fully and carefully alone can release some physical body tension. When I’m at school or work, I find that taking a bathroom break the perfect time to practice my breathing focus.

2. Reach out to others. Reaching out to the WordPress community has helped me immensely with reducing my anxiety levels. I’m thankful that there are people I can relate to and seek advice from who have been through similar situations. This blog alone was a huge step for me at first. This is the first time I have ever tried to reach out to people in such a way. I believe this was meant to be my first step towards being more aware of my anxieties, and I really hope others get the same positive healing with their own blogs. It’s not easy getting yourself out there, and I think those that do are very courageous for doing so!

3. Play video games. As long as it’s in moderation, playing games can be very beneficial when it comes down to stress reduction. I don’t play games as often as I used to because of various other tasks I take on throughout the day. I try to at least play them during one or two of my days off every week. RPGs, old school Super Nintendo, or puzzle-platform games have always been my cup of tea. I can’t say I feel too fond of online gaming, because it tends to make me feel like I’m under too much pressure to take action (hehe, my reaction time sucks when it comes to online play). But I do watch my family and close friends play those which is (almost) as entertaining.

4. Do Yoga, and exercise. I had taken up doing Yoga every morning since a couple weeks ago. Starting off, it’s a bit challenging because your muscles feel a bit sore the first few days of doing it. I kept up with it in the long run, and found that after my Yoga stretches I felt a lot better. When doing Yoga, you are tightening and releasing your muscles as you stretch, and it has helped me learn to relax my muscles throughout the day.

5. Pamper yourself. I splash my face with a facial cleanser about 4 nights a week and rinse lukewarm water every night before I go to bed. I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to hygiene, and doing this before bed not only cleans the foundation and oils off my skin, but it makes me feel refreshed and ready for bed when I’m done.

6. Make a special playlist when you’re feeling down or unmotivated. I have a playlist on my iTunes library titled “Confidence.” For this playlist, I tried to find songs on my music library that make me feel empowered and ready to take on the day. If I need an instant motivator, this kind of music immediately jolts me back into that mode no matter what I’m doing during the day, so I can get things done more efficiently… without too much interruption of negative thoughts.

7. Draw, paint, or design anxieties away. I do like to design for other people, which is why I’m a freelancer. Though I find that doing art just for me for a change can be very soothing. It’s something I don’t always feel the need to show people, but doing so has allowed me to have more creative freedom than what I have when I’m working with clients. I also like to make silly little illustrations for my two close friends when it gets closer to the holidays, because I know they appreciate them. Occasionally, I bring out the charcoal and oil pastels too. It all depends on what I feel like making. I am mostly drawn to things that involve surrealism and anime chibis!

8. Read. I read so much, I can’t even remember it all. There is so much information out there that can feed our brains with knowledge about helping your career, your creativity, or even your own self development. Of course, let’s not forget about all those lovely blog posts out there that helped me with the one I’m writing now.

Here are a few lists I found from some fellow bloggers I follow:

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What list can you, or have you made that will help you reduce your anxieties?