During childhood, I had no idea what the word introvert meant. In fact, I didn’t even know the word existed. I knew for a fact that I was shy, but hadn’t even thought about introversion. Now, I expose myself to this term all the time. Why? Because I am one. and I have been almost my whole life.

The way I communicate has been bothering me ever since I started college. On top of college, I am also a part-time Technology Aide and Freelancer. I have spoken to people in numerous situations where I’m either tongue tied on what I want/need to say, or sometimes I just get too nervous and can’t say anything at all. So far, it has been happening to me in almost every aspect of my life. It has caused me to feel strange in a lot of social situations.

Because of these experiences, I have become obsessed with communication, which is my main purpose for creating this blog. My plan is to discuss opinions and ideas based on certain topics that affect the way we communicate. These topics will consist of things such as social norms, Communication lessons/tips I’ve learned, and also talk about other inspirational influences out there that will make people (and myself) feel more motivated to improve their way of communicating and understanding the meaning of life a little bit more.

I really hope to get a few things out of writing this blog:

  • Feeling more confident about encountering difficult social situations.
  • Finding a community of people that I can relate to.
  • Meeting and understanding others who are different from myself.
  • Find more communication strategies that will make me a more effective communicator.
  • Learn to accept myself for who I am, and avoid being too butt-hurt about failure.
  • Live a better social life, overall.

Not only is this blog for my own personal sanctuary, but it’s also for those of you who struggle with communication as well as I do… or maybe you already have it down and just need a little guidance every once in a while. Don’t be shy, and feel free to drop me a comment, or maybe even some pointers of your own experiences. I love to learn from other people, and I appreciate any kind of constructive feedback you may have to offer!

My plan is to only post on this blog once every week. I prefer it this way because it’s less pressure on my daily schedule and easier to consume my thoughts that way.

Thanks for stopping by!