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You can go your own way

So my parents have just recently popped a question I had involving my current and future plans. I’ve always wondered how they felt about my way of living. As I was telling my… Continue reading

Capture your mistakes

There’s nothing more anxiety inducing than starting off from the very beginning. For some, it may just be that transition from high school to college, or maybe you’re finally meeting that one person… Continue reading

Being Assertive for the feint of heart

I got demoted from my job as an Assistant Supervisor and moved back down to a Technology Aid at my job last month. The reason for my demotion at work is because I’m… Continue reading

Leadership in group projects

I’m sure the title of this post will scare some people away, because some people can’t stand the stress of group projects. Once you find that idea you all agree upon, you may… Continue reading

The process of Failure

Last week, I was looking at a grade I received for a group project in my Business class. The part that bothered me was that it was my fault we had a bad… Continue reading