Life is making choices

Back in Highschool, I met a really great group of people. It all started with one person my freshman year, and only grew moments later from that first day of school. They were… Continue reading

Inspirational People: Shane Koyczan

In a way, this man kind of reminds me of a jolly Santa Claus… warm and a big beard like St. Nick would be. He’s not afraid to say it how it is… Continue reading

Being Assertive for the feint of heart

I got demoted from my job as an Assistant Supervisor and moved back down to a Technology Aid at my job last month. The reason for my demotion at work is because I’m… Continue reading

Leadership in group projects

I’m sure the title of this post will scare some people away, because some people can’t stand the stress of group projects. Once you find that idea you all agree upon, you may… Continue reading

Over-analyzing while Socializing

A few days ago, I talked to my banker about a simple deposit I needed to make. I found it really challenging because I’m relatively new when it comes to banking. I always feel… Continue reading

The process of Failure

Last week, I was looking at a grade I received for a group project in my Business class. The part that bothered me was that it was my fault we had a bad… Continue reading

Friend Zone Alert

My most recent encounter with somebody who was infatuated with me out of pure chance came up to me. He was a kind guy, and seemed to accept the fact that I was… Continue reading

Being Abnormally Designed

The rain drenched every inch of my body. As I took a moment to turn my head all around me, I found that locating coverage was out of the question. In other words,… Continue reading