What one week of Yoga can do

You know how when someone makes a new years resolution, but never goes along with continuing it because it’s hard to maintain? Yeah, one of those people used to be me, but not this year.

Plenty of people I know have told me it’s hard to live a healthy life. Even I myself have said on many occasions how challenging it is to maintain, lose, and stick to a healthy lifestyle.

When I was in high school, I was a health nut. I even maintained healthy living for my first year of college. I ate nothing more than the amount of food I needed from the pyramid itself and counted the amount of calories consumed in order to keep a balanced B.M.I. (Body Mass Index). I used no special fad diets, and I wasn’t vegan or vegetarian. I ate a bit of everything in quantities, but mostly fruits and vegetables. The thing I recall the most from that time was that I felt happier back then with just one cheat day a week for junk my body rarely needed. Even though I did that, I have always had a sweet tooth; though lately I have been asking myself if I really need to eat all that crap… because I know I don’t need to have sweets every day. It’s hard to stay away from junk food when the people around me want to have it during moments when I know it’s probably best to avoid it. My friends always want to go out to eat together and the people I live with always want to have some baked cookies around the house to snack on. I’m 4″11″ and have a slow metabolism, so facing sinful sweets will always be a constant battle for me. Most of the people I know can handle much more than me.

Because I’ve been so attached to the way my friends and family are living their lives, I felt inclined to follow the same habits. Having this thought in mind gave me the desire to make a change and get myself back into the motion of maintaining my own diet. I discovered that Yoga was the trick to getting myself back into eating healthier food options.

There are a few more things Yoga has done for me as well:

  • Yoga stretches your body and decreases the physical tension within just a few days of sticking to it. For those who experience social challenges in their lives, this can be very helpful. It’s normal for the body to tense up in those challenging social situations, and Yoga has reduced my anxiety in moments that have once made me very nervous and turn to stone. I can’t say that it helps me at 100% capacity, but a little relief can go a long way.
  • It has given me more energy throughout the day to stay in a more productive state. I remember when I was eating junk every day and not doing Yoga, I always felt the need to take a nap in the early afternoon every day.
  • It teaches me a new form of discipline that motivates me to stay more organized in other aspects of my life.
  • I can’t really tell any difference in my weight within a weeks time, but I feel as though I have a teensy bit more comfort room when I put on my skinny jeans.

As you can tell, health plays a very important role in people’s lives. Now I can’t say I am one of those people who goes around saying, “You’re weight is getting out of hand…” Truthfully, I know I’m not any better, and I don’t think too much about what other people’s decisions in life are considering that I dwell too much on my own.

Though if you are interested in losing weight, the one thing I learned is to be careful about your reasons of doing it. You could be saying one of two things (or possibly both):

  • I need to get skinny and/or muscular so I can impress more people and be a successful person.
  • I need to be healthier and fit so I have more energy throughout the day to take on the world and strive to live a happier life.

Doesn’t the second idea sound significantly better than the first? I believe so. The moral of the story though… don’t get healthy for the sake of other people, but only do it for yourself. Also, don’t feel influenced to solely follow other people’s eating habits. You should do what you feel is “fit” enough for you!

How do you feel about your diet?